My daily timekeeping AI inspirational quote

I use the “Daily Note” feature of Obsidian (also a feature of most modern note-taking apps). I use this note to record happenings during the day and ToDos.

I also use a ChatGPT plugin to generate an inspirational quote based on the book “Time Surfing: The Zen Approach to Keeping Time on Your Side”. All the quotes are similar, but different enough to help me focus.

Here’s some examples:

“Ride the waves of time with grace, and find serenity in the rhythm, for in the balance of waves and stillness lies the path to true contentment.

“Ride the waves of time with grace, finding serenity in its rhythm, as you embrace the Zen art of Time Surfing.”

“Ride the waves of time with grace, find serenity in the rhythm, and let the currents guide your pace.”

Here’s the prompt I use:

“Time Surfing: The Zen Approach to Keeping Time on Your Side” is a book written by Paul Loomans. Paul Loomans is a Zen monk and coach who has created a 7-step approach called Time Surfing to help people create more time in their lives. The book offers an antidote to the fast-paced modern life and provides techniques to reinject calm and balance into one’s life. It emphasizes making the most of the time you have and finding peace rather than trying to control time itself. By following the instructions in the book, such as taking breathers throughout the day and finishing one task before starting another, you can learn to surf over the waves of time. “Time Surfing” aims to enhance both efficiency and creativity, while also fostering a sense of calm and tranquility in all areas of life. Construct an aphorism based on the ideas from the book.

I use the plugin “AI Commander” to generate the quote based on this prompt.


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