Hello There! My name is Julian Biddle. Here’s my experience. I’m passionate about teaching organisations how to use Generative AI to increase productivity and innovation.
Open to new challenges and eager to make a meaningful impact.

Senior Technical Architect Consultant

Atturra Business Applications (Formerly Galaxy 42)
Location Brisbane, Australia
December 2018 – Present

Assisting Atturra customers with architectural planning, installation, migration and integration with TechnologyOne products. Over the years, I have provided solutions for more than Atturra 40 clients, taking on some of the most technically challenging requirements.

Skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS) · Artificial Intelligence (AI) · Cloud Computing · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Systems Architect and Engineer

Euka Future Learning
Oct 2021 – Sep 2023
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – Remote

At EUKA, Australia’s largest online K-12 education provider, I have been responsible for proposing
and implementing transformative digital solutions across various educational processes.

Skills: Microsoft Power Automate · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · Microsoft Power Platform · Cloud Computing · HTML · Microsoft Power Pages

Technical Software Architect

Astounding Apps Pty Ltd
July 2017 – Present
Brisbane, Australia

Founder and lead software architect of Astounding Apps, a collaboration between Practical Cybernetics and Brett Campbell.

Our first app will be “Eatly”, a recipe application that delivers the best recipes for people who are interested in the wholefoods lifestyle.

It’s backend is a recipe repository hosted on Amazon AWS.

Skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS) · Cloud Computing · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Enterprise Architect

Practical Cybernetics Pty Ltd
August 2015 – Present
Brisbane, Australia

Providing technical consulting and development services, always with the belief technology can make the world a better place.

Eidy was an entry into the XPrize for Global Learning. It was one of around 47 of the products that was completed by the deadline (out of a field of over 300 entries).

This application used VR, AI and gaming technologies to deliver a unique open-world educational experience.

Skills: Microsoft Power Automate · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · ChatGPT · Microsoft Power Platform · Artificial Intelligence (AI) · .NET · React Native · ASP.NET Core · Cloud Computing · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL · Microsoft Power Pages

Product Architect

April 2017 – November 2019
Townsville, Australia

Software development and documentation for Australia’s startup for small business automation and scheduling.

Providing strategic advice, software architecture and software development services.

AWS Migration, Correspondence Sequences, Stocktake, Letters, Goods Receivable, Localisation for US Market, Servers Australia Migration.

Skills: ASP.NET Core · Cloud Computing · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Software Architect

Practical Reception Solutions
Aug 2018 – Jan 2019
Brisbane, Australia

Use of AWS Telephony and AI to provide administrative communication for small businesses.

Skills: Cloud Computing · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL


A Cloud Guru
April 2016 – July 2020
London, United Kingdom – Remote

Created the E-Learning course “AWS for Windows Administrators”, a comprehensive course that helped Windows Professionals migrate infrastructure to AWS.

It was presented from the perspective of Windows Professionals, utilising familiar tools such as Powershell and Visual Studio.

Skills: Cloud Computing · SQL

Cloud Architect – Cloud Infrastructure Automation

December 2012 – August 2015  

Led a team of DevOps engineers in automating the deployment and management of TechnologyOne’s software to corporate systems and cloud customers.

Cloud 3.0 Automation which Utilises Amazon’s Cloud Formation technology to automate the creation of secure application infrastructure as part of a DevOps pipeline T1 Amazon Console.

Internal web application that allows staff to start, shutdown and monitor their own servers in the cloud without having to use the more complex Amazon tools directly.

Smart Client Appliance which delivered a generic “Citrix Alternative” that effectively delivers click once deployed Windows Applications as html to any device.

Skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS) · ASP.NET Core · Cloud Computing · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Mobile Product Owner

July 2012 – January 2015

Formulating and realising the vision and strategy for enterprise mobile across the TechnologyOne product suite.

Leading the engagement with our key stakeholders, including the Executive, Sales and Marketing, Product Owners, Solutions and Service Delivery groups to ensure that TechnologyOne remains a leader in delivering on mobile platforms.

Driving our Research & Development team to deliver the best mobile solutions, in order to increase revenue, customer references and our market leading position.

Working with customers, sales and Marketing to communicate TechnologyOne’s vision and strategy for cloud computing.

Skills: ASP.NET Core · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

R&D Manager and Architect – Mobile Solutions

Technology One
December 2010 – July 2012

R&D Manager of TechnologyOne Mobile Solutions team as founder, coach, leader and visionary.

Led the development team in the creation and support of 8 mobile products, including 4 for the iOS platform.

Developed brand strategy, pricing, sales tools (such as ROI calculators, presentations, brochures and web content) and implementation processes.

Negotiated and purchased the IP for a 3rd party product that was then incorporated into iCouncil.

Proposed and ran a trial for “Innovation Time” for the team.

Ran a booth at the user conference and presented to an audience of over 1000 people.

Skills: ASP.NET Core · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Principal Architect and Hat Wearer

2007 – May 2011

Principal Architect of the New Technologies division.

Software design using innovative new techniques such as Interaction Design and storyboarding.

Learning and prototyping new ui software platforms (eg Flash, Silverlight, jQuery)

Managed small agile development teams that implement new frameworks.

Worked with a small offshore development team in Bali.

Provided code reviews and software QA.

Skills: ASP.NET Core · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Mayor of OneCity

My advocacy of Interactive Design ended up with me creating an entire “City” of Personas. Marketing got a bit carried away and made an actual township for the sales kickoff and made me Mayor.

Systems Architect

2001 – 2007

Responsible for the architecture of ci, an ambitious n-tier smartclient framework.

Led the development team in implementation of ci and provided high level designs for most features of the framework.

Managed support for all the ADF frameworks

Providing high level presentations for presales and existing customers

Assist product teams in migration to the ci and developing training material for ci.

Skills: ASP.NET Core · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Development Manager

1996 – 2000

Architected and subsequently managed the Application Development Framework team. This team created ADF1-5.
I was responsible for the architecture of the ADF, a rich product development framework based on VB6, providing high level designs and facilitating executive review.

Skills: ASP.NET Core · Technological Innovation · HTML · SQL

Technical Support
1994 – 1996 · 2 yrs

Provided Technical Programming, Internal Systems Administration and Technical Support Services.

Skills: SQL

Internal Systems
1994 · 1994

Responsible for systems administration, network administration, backup procedures, pc setup, operating system upgrades and SOE development.

Skills: SQL

Software Developer

Northern Rivers Electricity
1989 – 1994

Applications development in areas of Billing, Accounting, Stocktake and Payroll.

Skills: SQL

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