AI Development Application Advisor

Developed an advanced Development Application AI chat interface prototype for a proposal. This AI would be primed with existing publicly available datasets encompassing both state-wide planning regulations and specific council mandates related to development applications and complying developments. By engaging with this intelligent system, applicants could obtain personalised guidance and clarification on site-specific development prerequisites, enabling a more streamlined and informed application process.
By integrating ChatGPT’s broad understanding with specific regulatory data, this solution not only enhances the efficiency of the process but also personalises the experience for users, potentially reducing initial enquiries.

Sales Analytics and Hubspot Provisioning

Designed and created comprehensive Power Automate flows to synchronise all information to Hubspot CRM from an eCommerce website.

The project utilises Hubspot APIs to provide comprehensive and accurate integration.

Digital Activities

Proposed and delivered the project to convert paper-based (PDF) questions and activities into interactive online learning using H5P. It was for one of Australia’s leading online school provides who provide full curriculum for K-12.

The project involved initial prototyping and scoping, creating migration and display plugins and then managing the actual migration work itself.

Enrolment Process Transformation

Proposed and implemented a replacement for the existing Zapier/Wordpress based processes with enterprise grade process workflow.

Proposed a number of options and the customer chose the Microsoft Power Platform. The customer wanted a completely cloud based platform without server infrastructure to maintain.

Power Automate and Dataverse provided a scalable, traceable and reliable platform on which to implement vital post-purchase enrolment procedures.

Solution incorporated many unique features such as event logging and notifications.

Marking Portal

Marking Portal is an intranet website that allows for the submission of Y11/12 assessments for marking by both contracted and permanent staff. Full approval workflow, invoicing and payment integration with Xero.

Replaced existing Zapier/Google Sheets based prototype with scalable Power Platform based solution. The user interface was implemented using Microsoft Power Pages (formerly Power Portals) and the backend used Power Automate.


Educational game that was designed to teach reading and basic math. Was an entry into the XPrize for Global Learning.

It was one of around 47 of the products that was completed by the deadline (out of a field of over 300 entries).


iCouncil assists local government organisations in serving the community. It allows community members to report problems to council from any iPhone or iPad and it allows staff to do important activities such as enquiries and inspections remotely.

iCouncil includes 3 modules, iCouncil Public, iCouncil Enquiries and iCouncil Inspections

TechnologyOne Mobile Application Framework

Created a framework for in-field Windows tablets for Council Application Inspections and Works

TechnologyOne Distributed Processor

The Distributed Processor allows TechnologyOne applications to run batch processes in the background on other computers.

Every version of the DP has been re-written for each technological change. It is designed to provide not only queue based batch processing but also scheduling.

TechnologyOne Ci

Responsible for the re-development of the TechnologyOne ADF using the .NET Framework.

Our framework embraced .NET language features to the full, allowing for creativity as well as consistency.

The Framework had many more services than it’s predecessor.

TechnologyOne Application Development Framework

The Application Development Framework consisted of user interface libraries, batch processing infrastructure and installer for TechnologyOne products and projects.

It was designed to work with Visual Basic 4-6 and was progressively upgraded as the underlying technology was updated by Microsoft.

The ADF Power Framework was a web application development environment modelled on ASP.NET (which at the time hadn’t been released)

Windows 7 vs iPad

An experiment in attracting YouTube traffic by creating a video choosing a very (then) topical subject, a side by side comparison of the new iPad and Windows 7.

The video got over 950,600 hits and over 1300 comments.

Webby Mobile

Webby was a mobile web browser created for the Windows Mobile platform. It was ahead of it’s time, delivering features such as gesture recognition, gestures and StumbleUpon integration.


A freeware application for Windows Mobile platform that delivered system wide search featuring a cute animated dog