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  • “They NEVER use AI outside of work”

    “They NEVER use AI outside of work”

    Just lately I was told a colleague said “They NEVER use AI outside of work” (ie only when forced to). I’m not sure what their reasoning was, but it seems to me it was an understandable fear of what is proving to be life changing technology. I think their concerns are valid. Professor Nick Haslam,…

  • ChatGpt and Cape Spinning

    ChatGpt and Cape Spinning

    My attempts at magic with my cape swirling, although thrilling, were not as effective as ChatGPT.I had the opportunity to talk with consultants at Atturra Business Applications about how the magic Generative AI will change everything for knowledge workers.I really appreciated how enthusiastic people are about using this technology in so many innovative way.

  • The Difference between ChatGpt and other AI

    It’s interesting to see the difference in “personality” between larger LLMs like ChatGPT and uncensored models. For example, ChatGPT is happy to admit when it’s wrong. This model is less so. Follow me on threads for more experiments:

  • A Storytelling Story of ChatGPT

    A Storytelling Story of ChatGPT

    Once upon a time in the digital realm, there lived a Unicorn named Ava, a storyteller by heart. Ava journeyed through a land of rigid texts and monotonous narratives, yearning for a spark to ignite her tales. That’s because storytelling is the heart of human experience. It’s how we share knowledge, spark imagination, and build…

  • My daily timekeeping AI inspirational quote

    My daily timekeeping AI inspirational quote

    I use the “Daily Note” feature of Obsidian (also a feature of most modern note-taking apps). I use this note to record happenings during the day and ToDos. I also use a ChatGPT plugin to generate an inspirational quote based on the book “Time Surfing: The Zen Approach to Keeping Time on Your Side”. All…

  • Fun with ChatGPT in the Eisenhower Box

    Fun with ChatGPT in the Eisenhower Box

    For years, I’ve been using a simple yet effective task management technique called the Eisenhower Box. This method has become an essential tool in my daily decision-making process, guiding me on what to focus on next. 📝 My daily routine involves listing tasks in markdown within the Obsidian app. This practice not only organizes my…