Thanks for the Memories! ChatGPT grows a brain

A feature I have been waiting for quite a while is finally here! With all the excitement about Sora the video creator a cool new feature has been introduced that I think is a “game changer”.

An “experimental memory” feature is available for some people in ChatGPT. 🌟 This new capability enables ChatGPT to retain information from our conversations within a session, significantly enhancing the continuity and relevance of our dialogues. Imagine engaging in discussions where each response is informed by previous exchanges, eliminating the need for constant repetition and enabling a more coherent progression of ideas.

According to the article below, Teams and Enterprises may benefit from:

Personalized Content Creation: ChatGPT can learn your preferred tone, voice, and formatting for writing tasks, like drafting blog posts, and automatically align with these preferences in future tasks, eliminating the need for constant direction.

Coding Made Simpler: Once you share your preferred programming languages and frameworks, ChatGPT remembers them, making any subsequent coding tasks more straightforward by tailoring its assistance to your specific needs.

Reporting: For tasks like monthly business reviews, you can trust ChatGPT to not only remember but also apply your preferred methods of data presentation, such as chart types and key insights, streamlining report generation.

Find out how to enable it here:


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